The BDA and website advertising

BDA events and publications are supported by a range of commercial sponsorship to provide additional income for these activities and update members on innovations and products from food and drink manufacturers, medical nutrition companies, publishers, technology providers and other services relevant to your practice.

We also offer limited online advertising on the BDA website for campaigns more tailored to a digital space – such as events, samples, and online education.

Advertising in these spaces is managed by our publishing partner, Century One, with an application process and approved by the BDA office in each instance.

Why am I seeing this advert?

Advertising is offered in spaces of the website aimed at members. This includes MyBDA, events, selected areas of the Practice & Education section, the Dietetics Today archive.

It does not include areas with information aimed at the public such as food facts, campaigns, our media work and student recruitment.

Some adverts will only be visible to you if you are logged in as a member with a particular interest area.

What has the BDA checked about this advert?

The BDA has asked the advertiser to confirm whether:

  • Are there any regulatory issues which mean this advert should not be visible to the public?
  • Is this a breastmilk substitute as defined by Unicef (complete source of nutrition for any infant aged under 3)?
  • Are all nutrition and health claims in-line with requirements from the ASA and MHRA?

From there we consider whether to list the advert and which is the best position to offer.

What products or services can be advertised?

We will not advertise any breastmilk substitute on the sections of our web pages which are visible to non-members, as there is a reasonable possibility with our open web pages that the public could see them, which would not meet regulatory requirements.

If there is a query from the office about a new or potentially sensitive product or service, we consult more widely.

Does this mean the BDA is endorsing this product or service?

No, members should not infer any endorsement from our acceptance of an advert on our website or indeed in any BDA publication. We have a formal endorsement process for learning and for documents which is managed separately and clearly badged ‘endorsed’.

Our Guidelines for Working with Commercial Organisations processes differentiate between a communication going to members and one going more widely. This is because there may be products or services which members need awareness of to support patient queries or wider practice, but which may not align with BDA policy or best practice.

Members should check local formularies and pathways for products which are to be used locally.

More information

For more information about booking website advertising, please contact our partner Century One  or if you are a member seeking more information about how the BDA works with advertisers please contact [email protected]