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Research Grants

The Trust provides support for a wide range of dietetic research advancing the science and practice of dietetics. Awards can be used to fund:

  • Running costs
  • Project costs
  • Help with salaries

We do not fund the following:

  • Buying buildings
  • Academic fees for PhDs and other post-graduate qualifications
  • Supporting dietetic students in training
  • Conferences attendance, unless you are presenting a poster, attending a lecture, running a workshop etc (read about conference funding)

The Trust cannot give grants for every project put forward, even though the projects may meet its criteria. In some cases, only partial support may be offered, or grants may be made subject to conditions which must be met. When applications are rejected it can be for a variety of reasons. It is sometimes because:

  • An application for research does not have a sufficiently rigorous methodology;
  • An application is not clearly going to benefit dietetic practice; or
  • A project is too local and funding is sought to fund activities which should be supported by another organisation (e.g. the NHS).

How to apply

Completed applications need to be submitted at least 6 weeks before the Trustees meet. The Trustees currently meet four times a year to consider grant applications. The next GET meetings and deadlines are:

  • Monday 8 February 2021 - deadline Monday 28 December 2020
  • Monday 17 May 2021 - deadline Monday 5 April 2021
  • Monday 13 September 2021 - deadline Monday 2 August 2021
  • Monday 15 November 2021 - deadline Monday 4 October 2021

Please submit your application by this date; applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

All applications must be on the standard form, although supporting documentation is welcomed. The Trustees will seek the views of two professional reviewers on each grant application, to get a view from experts about the suitability and relevance of the proposal. The reviewers' views are confidential, as is the whole process. The decision on whether to support an application will be a decision for the Trustees alone.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application as soon as possible following the Trustees meeting. The Trustees’ discussions concerning applications are confidential. However, the Trustees will try to provide written reasons for their decisions wherever possible.

The Trustees have prepared comprehensive guidance for the completion of applications which you are encouraged to read before you start.


Application form

Every 6 months the Trustees require updates from every grant holder on the update form.

At the end of every grant, a comprehensive final report form must be completed.

An example of a typical six month reporting form can be found here.