Critical Care and PENG Specialist Group - Pancreatitis in Critical Care patients – a complex nutritional journey

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This study session will focus on the nutritional journey of patients through pancreatitis. We will focus on oral, enteral and parenteral nutrition and the complexities of this. We hope to ensure practicalities of nutritional therapies are a focus of the session.


Mary Phillips, ACP Dietitian (HPB Surgery), Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford

Mary graduated from the University of Surrey in 2000 and has been working in HPB Dietetics since 2004. She is currently undertaking her PhD in the long-term consequences of pancreatic surgery and was lead author for the UK Consensus guidelines for the management of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. She was the first non-medic President of the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland and worked on the NICE and the ESPEN guideline for pancreatitis.

Title of talk: Overview of the management of pancreatitis and its nutritional implications

This session will cover an overview of acute and chronic pancreatitis, the current treatment options, the impact this has on nutritional status.

Emily Button, HPB Specialist Dietitian, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Emily graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2007. She worked as a graduate Dietitian in Derby Hospitals and later specialised there as a Renal Dietitian. She moved to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge in 2011 to work in a split Renal and Gastro Surgical post. Since 2016, she has worked as a Specialist HPB Dietitian at Addenbrooke's, working closely with patients with pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis. She has been involved in relevant projects such as writing national diet sheets and regional nutritional guidelines on chronic pancreatitis, developing patient information on bile reinfusion and taking part in a national audit investigating nutrition in severe acute pancreatitis. She is an active member of the Nutrition Interest Group of the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (NIGPS) and has previously presented at the Pancreatic Society annual meeting. She has recently taken on the role of Secretary for the Gastrointestinal subgroup of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Oncology specialist group.

Title of talk: Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency - Diagnosis and management of PEI in acute and chronic pancreatitis

Chloé McMurray, Senior Dietitian – HPB & ICU, University Hospital of North Tees

Chloé graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2017. She started her dietetic career at University Hospital of North Tees working in the Gastroenterology rotation, later obtaining her senior role specialising within Gastro, Surgery and ICU. In 2020, the opportunity to develop a HPB service within the Trust became available, and Chloé has helped this to grow and develop this to cover both inpatient and outpatient services, writing guidelines for the Trust, delivering teaching to staff to raise awareness and attending the UGI/HPB MDT (with an additional severe acute pancreatitis MDT when required). The HPB team at North Tees now comprises of 3 consultants, a clinical fellow, 3 specialist nurses and Chloé as the dietitian. Chloé is also social media officer for the BDA Critical Care Specialist Group

Title of talk: Enteral Nutrition Support in Severe Acute Pancreatitis.

This talk will cover the evidence regarding feeding tube type, feed type and how to give PERT with enteral feeding. Chloe will also be co-presenting: Complex Case Study: A patient journey from a district general hospital to tertiary centre

Chloe will also be co-presenting: Complex Case Study: A patient journey from a district general hospital to tertiary centre with Ellen.

Ellen Lyell, Specialist Surgical Dietitian, Freeman Hospital

Ellen graduated as a dietitian in Australia in 2018 and worked in a variety of medical/surgical and renal dietitian positions before moving to the UK in 2021. Ellen began working at the Freeman Hospital in 2021 as a Specialist Renal Dietitian before commencing in her current role as a Specialist Surgical Dietitian in July 2022, with a caseload of primarily HPB patients. A key component of Ellens role is the nutritional management of severe acute pancreatitis patients admitted to or transferred to the Freeman Hospital. Ellen also contributes to MDT regional remote care meetings to assist in optimisation of nutrition prior to transfer to the Freeman Hospital and is collaborating in the development of prospective research in severe acute pancreatitis.

Title of talk: Ellen will be co-presenting Complex Case Study: A patient journey from a district general hospital to tertiary centre.

David Bourne, Specialist Surgical Dietitian/NIHR PhD Fellow, Freeman Hospital/Newcastle University

David qualified as a dietitian in 2010 and has been working at the Freeman Hospital since 2012 where he is a Specialist Surgical Dietitian, primarily working in HPB. In 2017 he completed a Supplementary Prescribing qualification and has been actively involved in research since 2018. He has contributed to and led published research in pancreatic cancer, acute pancreatitis, and chronic pancreatitis. In 2022 he began an NIHR funded PhD Fellowship investigating nutrition and chronic pancreatitis and hopes to develop a clinical academic career leading dietetic research in pancreatic disease.

Title of talk: PN in pancreatic disease: When is it the right thing to do? 

David will discuss the use of parenteral nutrition in pancreatic disease with a focus on decision making in challenging situations


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