Oncology - Haematology Sub Group - Nutrition Support During Stem Cell Transplantation: Putting Guidelines into Practice

Hosted by Oncology Specialist Group & Haematology Sub Group

A session covering current guidelines for nutrition support and the challenges in implementing.


Nutrition Recommendations in Stem Cell Transplantation. Implementing the evidence in transplant, with Katie Ahern, Senior Dietitian, St James Hospital, Dublin.

More about Katie -  she is an experienced oncology dietitian with several years’ experience in the field of Haematology. She is a member of the BDA special interest group for Haematology Oncology. She has published journal articles on the nutritional management of haematology patients and has presented research previously at the European Bone Marrow Transplant Annual Meeting. She has worked with the Aplastic Anaemia Trust. She has a particular interest in the long term of health of adults who receive HSCT treatment.


Free to attend for Oncology Specialist Group Members

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