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Deborah David

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Hampton United Kingdom

Deborah David  BSc, PGCE, MSc, RD is a graduate of Surrey University (Nutrition & Dietetics) and a registered dietitian. Having worked in nutrition and dietetics for over 20 years, she has a breadth of experience in many aspects of nutrition research, clinical and community dietetics. Deborah has also been a university lecturer, acted as a consultant to the food industry, and assisted with rapid reviews/literature searches for research projects within UK public health departments.

Prior to dietetics, Deborah’s professional background included: data management for the pharmaceutical healthcare industry, research within microbiology/virology, and teaching biomedical sciences to secondary school level.

She is currently working on providing group educational sessions on a wide variety of food, nutrition and public health projects within the local community. In addition she  volunteers her services for various charities involving school food educational programmes, cookery sessions for local food bank centres. Her specialist research interests include: musculoskeletal disease; changing food systems, sustainable diets, public health and nutrition education.