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Kitchens can be dangerous places if you don’t take care.

Children need supervising here at all times, even when you’re following our simple rules:

Storing food

Keep cooked and raw ingredients covered, and separate while they’re being stored and prepared. Store raw meats below cooked meats in the fridge. Frozen foods should be stored in a freezer at -18°C or below. Food in the fridge should be kept at 0 to 5°C. But don’t worry, all of our recipes include advice on reheating, cooking or chilling so you’re in good hands!

Using the cooker

Keep a really close eye on children here. When the oven’s hot, adjust the oven shelves before you put anything on them. Always use oven gloves, and turn pan handles inwards so they’re not hanging over the side of the hob.


Taste when your dish is warm, not hot – and again, keep a really close eye on children here!

Allergic reactions

Take care if you’re using ingredients which are often found to cause allergic reactions, like nuts.