Cooking for one

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If you’re cooking for one, then be your own VIP. Being smart with your shopping and cooking means you can still save time and cash by cooking from scratch.

Our tips

  • Batch cooking and freezing portions is a great way to save time and money; you’ll make the most of bulk-buy deals and have your own, homemade ready-meals. Check out our top tips
  • Many dishes keep well in the fridge for a couple of days and a tasty leftovers-lunch will be the envy of your colleagues as they chew a limp sandwich! Nothing lights up a lunch break like our Baked Bean Lasagne
  • Foundation dishes like Basic Mince can be used any number of ways – as a jacket potato topping or in Chilli Con Carne, Bolognese or Cottage Pie. Our Basic Mince recipe explains how to adapt it
  • Recipes that use ingredients with a long shelf-life can make planning and shopping for meals easier
  • Making your own bread is great fun. Try our standard bread recipe or our yeast-free Irish Soda Bread (you don’t even need a loaf tin). And our flatbreads are cooked in a frying pan – they couldn’t be easier or quicker