Paediatric Specialist Group

Trust a paediatric dietitian - feeding children for their future health

Welcome to the web pages of the BDA Paediatric specialist group.

The Paediatric group membership is made up of BDA members who are Paediatric Dietitians and who work within a paediatric setting.

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The BDA Paediatric specialist group aims are to:

  • provide a communication network for paediatric dietitians;
  • act as an information resource for dietitians and other health professionals;
  • promote paediatric dietetic education at undergraduate and post graduate levels.


The Paediatric group has a limited supply of funds supported by a voted-in committee.  The group works within the rules of a committee belonging to the BDA.


To join the BDA Paediatric specialist group, see the Joining a Specialist Group page.


The sub-groups of the Paediatric Group are a collective of Paediatric Dietitians who work within the recognised specialisms as follows:

All members of the sub-groups must be members of the BDA and the Paediatric Group with the exception of our colleagues working in the Republic of Ireland.  They must be members of the Irish Dietetic Association and make a financial contribution when attending study days. Unfortunately non-BDA members may not become members of organising or management committees.

Each sub group has all privileges of being members of the Paediatric Group, but must comply with any operational procedures currently in place.

Constitution – each subgroup must complete a subgroup constitution which will be copied to the BDA office.

Website – each subgroup may produce and have pages on the website.  They must liaise through the Paediatric Group website co-ordinator.

Finances – should the sub-groups require any funding to support resource development of any nature then they should apply using the grant application form prior to the February committee meeting.  The Paediatric Group committee can then review the allocation of the next financial year’s funds.

Membership – all members of the sub-groups should be acknowledged and the members’ secretary of the Paediatric group should be informed.

Reporting – each sub-group should send a representative to each Paediatric Group study day or send a PowerPoint slide to the chair of the Paediatric Group to feedback on what the group’s achievements etc, have been in the previous six months.


To enquire about the group or any of our sub groups please email: