What do paediatric dietitians do?

what do paediatric dietitians do?

Specialist area:

Nutrition for children and babies.

What paediatric dietitians help with:

Paediatric dietitians help babies, children and teenagers to eat and drink well.  They support children and their families where nutrition and special diets can be part of their treatment, including allergies, fussy eating and cancer.  

Who do paediatric dietitians help?

A paediatric dietitian can support your child at any age from very premature babies to teenagers. If your child isn’t growing well, has difficulty feeding, or has special diet needs, a paediatric dietitian may be able to help.

How do paediatric dietitians work?

Your paediatric dietitian will work with you, your nurses, doctors, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, hospital cooks and many others. They will make sure your child receives the food, and feeding help, they need to be as healthy as possible. They will also help you understand how to give your child the best possible food and nutrition.

Your paediatric dietitian will assess your child’s food, feeding and medical condition, as well as your circumstances. They will then work with you and the team to decide what nutrition, food and feeding help your child needs.

Where do paediatric dietitians work?

You are likely to see your paediatric dietitian when your child is in hospital, in outpatients or sometimes in your home. You may also see them in your GP surgery or children’s centre.

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