11 Oct 2022

What does it mean to you to have been awarded with the Ibex honour? 

I was surprised and taken aback to have been nominated for this IBEX award but delighted. Very pleased to be recognised for the work I have done for the BDA and the Dietetic profession in general. 

What drove you to become a dietitian in the first place and be where you are today? 

I was always interested in both science and home economics.  I was fascinated that diseases could be caused by a missing nutrient in your diet.  I was intrigued when discovered in the past that the Sailors had scurvy because they didn’t get any Vitamin C during their long voyages. At school I discovered that I could become a Dietitian when I was looking through career information.  

Who would you say inspires you both dietetically but also non-dietetically? 

The dietitians, students and our associate members who are passionate about their topic inspire me dietetically, and how they deliver this at various conferences and events.  Non-dietetically I am inspired by creative artist people. 

What advice would you give to future dietitians? 

Take up all the opportunities on offer, especially in different areas of dietetics and new ways of delivery and working with community groups.  This expands your experience and understanding of how people behave.  When you see patients in the hospital you never see them at their best and need a different approach when you see them in the community or in their homes. 

What has been the highlight to your dietetic career to date? 

What has brought me most joy recently was accepting the BDA Award for “Extraordinary Circumstances COVID-19 Pandemic Response” this highlights the resilience of not just my dietetic service but the fortitude of each staff member. 

Find out more about the BDA Ibex award, and how you can nominate a colleague here.