Consultation Response - Northern Ireland Mental Health Strategy 2021-31

17 Mar 2021

BDA NI Board is supportive of the vision of the strategy to promote emotional wellbeing and positive mental health for everyone across the lifespan. We welcome the aspiration to focus on improving quality of life and enabling people to achieve their full potential. For a mental health system in NI which has the individual at the centre with access to the right help and treatment at the right time, in the right place. BDA NI Board is in full agreement with the need to reform the approach to mental health in NI, and create the foundation for a population with better mental health.  

BDA NI Board agrees with all seven founding principles, however has some concerns on the reality and practicality of implementation for each of them. BDA NI Board recommends a clear commitment on how the principles will be executed and delivered, and the need to be unambiguously defined within the Strategy. For example, meaningful and effective co-production and co-design at every stage, is definitely something which should be embraced, however, how will this be delivered? What steps will be taken to ensure comprehensive co-production and co-design at every stage, guaranteeing the correct personnel/people with lived experience/stakeholders/partners with the correct and relevant expertise, are meaningfully and effectively involved and fully included at all stages?

Read the full consultation response by downloading the resource via the link below.