09 Jun 2021

Following recent concerns by the Royal College of Nursing, the BDA joins other AHPs in rejecting the assertion that Allied Health Professionals (which includes dietitians) are being recruited as replacements for nurses.

BDA Chair, Caroline Bovey BEM, says:

"Dietitians and dietetic professionals have a defined and essential role in providing care to patients, as the only registered and qualified voices when it comes to diet and nutrition. They provide leadership, research and clinical advice in diet related healthcare to colleagues and patients alike.

"Dietitians, nurses and all other clinical roles are an essential part of the multi-disciplinary workforce and there must be no confusion in the eyes of the public or patients.

"As the profession expands in scope, experienced and qualified dietitians often take on leadership roles within the NHS and beyond. It is crucial that these strategic roles continue to be available to a wide range of health professionals, as growth of all roles in the workforce leads to improved outcomes for patients.

"We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with our colleagues across the multi-disciplinary team as we grow all professions to meet the demands placed upon them, particularly in these challenging times for the NHS."