Let’s not forget about science in education

16 Oct 2023

Science was notably missing from Rishi Sunak’s recent proposal for a post 16 education shake up. Maths and English were considered high priority subjects but we argue that science is just as vital a skill.

With huge workforce shortages within the NHS, skills in scientific subjects are essential for filling the gaps in the years to come.

The Government’s Long Term Workforce Plan says that record numbers of doctors, nurses and healthcare staff will be trained, with the support of £2.4billion funding additional education and training places on top of existing funding commitments.

However, to enter these training places, learners need to have some kind of post 16 scientific qualification and we want to ensure the Government isn’t forgetting about the value of having a scientific qualification, while they are promoting the importance of English and Maths.

At the BDA, we are working hard to grow the number of courses available in dietetics, offering different routes including apprenticeships, as well as promoting dietetics as a rewarding career. Science is the foundation for so many careers and it deserves to have the same emphasis as English and Maths.

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