04 May 2020

The Malnutrition Pathway have created the following patient leaflets for people with COVID-19:

  • Green leaflet: EATING WELL DURING AND AFTER COVID-19 eating a balanced diet to help maintain your strength and fitness, as well as helping your body to fight infection.
  • Yellow leaflet: IMPROVING YOUR NUTRITION DURING AND AFTER COVID-19 ILLNESS for those with a poor appetite and/or recent unintentional weight loss. Includes tips to help get the most from your food.
  • Red leaflet: NUTRITION SUPPORT DURING AND AFTER COVID-19 ILLNESS if you are very unwell or have recently been discharged from hospital, or if you are struggling to eat enough, are underweight and/or you have lost weight recently without meaning to, your healthcare professional may feel that you need extra nutrition to meet your body’s needs and may prescribe nourishing drinks called ‘oral nutritional supplements’ for a short time. This information leaflet gives advice on how to incorporate these supplements into your diet.