23 Jul 2021

The BDA has welcomed the Government’s confirmation that promotions on food and drinks high in fat salt or sugar (HFSS) in retailers will be restricted from October 2022.

Amanda Avery, BDA Obesity Specialist Group Chair:

"It is great news that the promotion of unhealthier HFSS foods is to be banned from October 2022, particularly as this ban has been called for over a long period of time.

"It is sad that it has taken something like COVID-19 to make government appreciate the importance of people having a healthier diet and being a healthier weight.

"We note that there is also mention of support for families to eat healthier foods more regularly and the promotion of healthier food choices lower or free from HFSS.

"This support is equally, if not more important, and there needs to be recognition that healthier foods need to be accessible to those families on low incomes in order to reduce the health inequalities observed’.

This further supports our response to the new advertising rules being enacted to help address childhood obesity.