Dietetic Competency Framework

Welcome to the 2021 BDA Diabetes Specialist Group Dietetic Competency Framework for Dietitians Working in the Area of Diabetes. As it was last updated in 2011 there are a few changes we would like to draw your attention to:

  • The framework is aimed at post-registration dietitians.
  • The framework can be used by any dietitian working with people with diabetes. It is not just for specialist roles.
  • The framework uses levels of competency in line with the BDA Post-Registration Professional Development Framework.
  • The framework describes the knowledge, skills and examples of competency for each area described. If you find that your exact requirements are not met you can use the Framework Summary to describe these further.
  • Please take time to read the introduction to each section.
Diabetes PDF thumbnail.png

There are three documents available:

  • A full PDF version of the framework (Note: this is 52 pages long we suggest saving this to a safe place and not printing off)
  • An interactive PDF of the framework. This enables you to select the level of the dietitian required by your service for each area. You will need to download and save it to your computer to use the interactive elements. 
  • The framework summary. This is a writable PDF and headlines the key areas of the framework. It allows you to add a name at the top, select the current working level and the required level for each area. You can also add specific service needs for your area of work as well as document any actions required. It would be a great document to use alongside the framework at those yearly career reviews!

Important instructions for use

  • You will need to download the interactive PDF and the framework summary and save to your own computer before you can use them. The interactive functionality is not available without doing this. Keep ONE version as a master copy.
  • Once downloaded and saved you can select the different level buttons at the top or each area to read the different level requirements.
  • Select the appropriate level for each area (you can leave any blank for areas your service does not cover or expect you to have competency in).
  • Once all selections have been made, save the document as a different file name. This will enable you to keep your master copy and share the personalised version with who needs to see it!