What do diabetes dietitians do?


Specialist area:

Diabetes Specialist Dietitian

What diabetes dietitians help with:

Diabetes dietitians can help you manage your diabetes, for example to improve your blood glucose levels. They can help you to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle in the best way for you and your diabetes. Managing your diabetes is very important to lower the risk of complications later.

Some diabetes dietitians also research the effects of diet on diabetes management.

Who do diabetes dietitians help?

Diabetes dietitians can support you at any age if you or your family have type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They can also support you with gestational diabetes (high blood glucose levels during pregnancy).

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How do diabetes dietitians work?

Your diabetes dietitian will usually work as part of your healthcare team. They will help you improve your knowledge and confidence in managing your diabetes. Your diabetes dietitian may work with you one-to-one or in a group, often as part of a diabetes education programme.

They will help you to understand how your diet affects your diabetes and to consider the options available to you, then make a plan so that you can make changes to achieve your goals.

Your dietitian may also be able to adjust or prescribe any diabetes medications you need.

Where do diabetes dietitians work?

You are likely to see your diabetes dietitian in hospital, your GP practice, in your home or another community venue.

Some diabetes dietitians also work in universities, research centres, charities and the commercial sector.

You can also pay to see a diabetes dietitian in private practice.

Further info:

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