Expenses form

Reimbursement of expenses for members

Members, please remember you will need authorisation from the BDA office before submitting your completed expense form to [email protected]. For example, if you are claiming expenses for work on a project with a specific member of staff or a team within the BDA office, they will need to approve the expense form in writing (via email) first.

Please note that all NEW claims will need to have bank details clarified directly by our accounts department who will either email or telephone you. Unless this has been done, no reimbursement will be made.

We ask members and staff to be as cost effective as possible when travelling on BDA business. All claims should be submitted as soon as is practical. Usually within six weeks of the event to help good budget management. Claims sent after the end of the financial year (February) may be refused. The smallest amount that can be claimed is £10. Collect smaller claims to make up this amount unless it is your only claim in this financial year.

Submit claims electronically with photographed or scanned receipts attached. You do not need to print and sign the form, this wastes paper and time. Please note that any individuals that haven’t been paid for a period of 6 months will be telephoned by our accounts team to confirm the bank details they have provided are correct.


  • We encourage active and sustainable travel such as public transport, and walking or cycling to stations and to the final destination. The BDA office is an easy 10-15 minute walk from New Street Station and taxis should not be used unless you have heavy luggage or mobility concerns. We pay 45p per mile when you use a car and 20p per mile when you cycle.
  • The most economical transport and fare should be used. Booking as far in advance as possible is the most cost effective overall. Office staff can book travel for you when asked. Flights are often necessary, but also think about the train and an overnight stay. This may be better for your wellbeing.
  • Taxis will not normally be reimbursed unless they are the only viable or safe option. In London and in Birmingham taxis will not normally be paid unless approved or you have heavy luggage, personal safety or mobility concerns.


  • Overnight stays are capped at £80 in Birmingham, £175 in London and £125 in the rest of the UK, unless higher rates can be justified.
  • If you choose to stay in a more expensive hotel, repayment is capped at the relevant rate.


  • We encourage all staff and members to choose healthier options when travelling and know that this may increase the cost of a meal on the move. We encourage you to choose salads, side salads, easy to eat fruit, wholegrain sandwiches, humous, sushi, nuts and similar for snacks and meals other than the main meal. It is not necessary to choose the cheapest outlet. If you can, use a refillable bottle or buy water, tea or coffee to drink. We do not normally pay for alcohol unless authorised by the Treasurer or Chief Executive.
  • Allowances (not included in events or accommodation) are £7 for Breakfast, £10 for Lunch and £20 for Dinner. There is also a cap of £40 in each 24 hour period.


  • All claims must be supported by receipts where appropriate. VAT Receipts with the VAT number visible should be submitted to enable us to reclaim VAT. Credit card receipts are not sufficient.
  • All claims must be authorised by the Chair or Treasurer of your committee, or the relevant staff member in the BDA office, for inclusion in the pack. Repayment of expenses will be by bank transfer. If you have not been paid expenses by bank transfer previously (or you recently changed your bank account) please make sure we have your up to date bank details by completing the details on this expenses form.