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The BDA Board of Directors are made up of BDA members (just like you!) and non-members who are appointed to provide strategic leadership of the BDA.

They agree major policy, manage the Association’s finances and represent the total membership. The Board also includes representatives from Dietetic Support Workers and Students.  The Role Descriptor can be found here.

"Being on BDA Board of Directors is a really inspiring and interesting place to be! I am passionate about promoting the profession and being part of the decision making for the profession. Being on the Board of Directors has given me many opportunities to do this. I would encourage anyone who is interested in furthering our profession to get involved.

Caroline Bovey BDA Honorary Chair  

Useful BDA Board of Director links

  • Board of Director meeting minutes are made available for BDA members to view.
  • Read more about why members applied to be on the BDA Board of Directors
  • Being a Board Director - FAQs
  • Expenses form for current Board of Director members 

Should you wish to find out more about the work of BDA Directors or wish to sit in on a meeting as a member observer, please contact the BDA office