Room booking form

Use of the Ibex and Sanderson rooms for meetings - procedures

The Ibex Rooms and Sanderson Room are currently available free of charge for use by BDA committees, branches, specialist groups and formally constituted sub-groups. The Ibex holds 32 people and can be divided into 2 smaller rooms at 16 each. The Sanderson Room can hold a maximum of people and Pybus holds a maximum of 6 people.

While rooms are offered to branches and specialist groups free of charge, lunch can be offered through our local suppliers, but will need to be paid for by the external visitor, which can be done via an internal transfer. Tea and coffee are provided free of charge.

All charges include use of available equipment. Meetings can be booked between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30am – 4.00pm Friday


Equipment available includes WiFi and Internet access. Photocopying services are available at a cost which can be recharged against a Branch or Group account (7p per B&W and 12p per Colour sheet).


The procedure for holding a meeting in either of these rooms is:

  1. Please complete the booking request form below.  Please note, until you have a confirmation acceptance from the BDA, the booking is not valid.
  2. Please note that in the event of two simultaneous requests for the same day, Standing Committees of the Association would have priority.
  3. Water is available free of charge. Tea, coffee, long life milk and sugar are provided free to Standing Committees, Specialist Groups, etc…and cutlery and crockery are available for use. Other external bookings will be required to pay for catering.
  4. Please ensure the room is cleared at the end of the meeting and used crockery and cutlery is placed in the kitchen dishwasher.

Security and Access

Two days before the meeting, please supply the BDA with a list of those attendingto allow reception on the ground floor to check people in.


This information is provided for your safety whilst you are visiting Interchange Place. 

Please ensure you read and familiarise yourself with the following procedures.


Raising the Alarm

If you discover a fire, raise the alarm by breaking the nearest located red glass fire alarm point.  DO NOT put your personal safety at risk by delaying your or anyone else’s exit.

Fire Alarm

On hearing the alarm, please evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit.  DO NOT use the lifts.  A member of staff or a Fire Marshall should evacuate you without delay along the nearest fire exit route, and direct you to the assembly point .  The fire alarm testing takes place every Wednesday morning.

Please ensure you attend the assembly point and you do not leave until you have been accounted for.


Any visitor involved in an accident causing injury or who detects a possible hazard that may cause injury must report the incident to their employee host as soon as possible.  All accidents must be recorded in the Accident Book. A first aid kit is also available.


If you become trapped in the lift press the alarm button in the control panel and use the telephone in the lift to contact the building reception.  Any other problems should be reported to your employee host immediately to prevent danger to others.

Please note that this is a NO SMOKING building

Thank you for your co-operation

Please note: any files that are needed should be brought on a data stick. The use of your own equipment is prohibited.