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Monika Bettney

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MB Dietetics
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London, England
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I specialise in PCOSGut HealthHypothalamic Amenorrhoea, and Fertility. I support women in achieving their health goals while nurturing a positive relationship with food and their bodies.


My approach combines nutritional science alongside behaviour change coaching and psychology. Accurate nutritional advice and information are the foundation, but true and lasting progress requires long-term behaviour change. How many of us don’t know that we need to prioritise sleep, stress management, or eat more vegetables? Often people get stuck with turning their intentions into sustainable actions. Long-term change of habits often requires the following:

  • Understanding WHY you want this change and looking for your true, intrinsic motivation will help you stay on track during the more challenging times
  • Knowing HOW to make these long-lasting changes; setting goals that are meaningful and realistic, knowing what to do when your motivation fluctuates, and having a plan so that slip-ups, which are an important part of a change process, do not turn into a sense of failure and result in giving up.
  • Having continuous SUPPORT when you are struggling with the HOW, and somebody to guide you through the times when the WHY ceases being as powerful and clear.

For more information on the programmes available, please go to www.mbdietetics.com.


I’ve had the privilege of working with lots of brilliant women who are fully committed to and trust my approach. They said:

“Monika has been wonderful. In addition to being knowledgable, professional, and structured she is thoughtful and kind. Addressing nutritional issues can be challenging both on an emotional and practical level and her compassionate approach and focus on finding tailored solutions that were workable for me was invaluable.” (VL)

“I reached out to Monika in a moment of great despair, I did not know what I could do to feel better, I was overwhelmed by many things and, most importantly, I thought I would never be able to find a solution. I found the support and sensitivity I needed, I found all the information and tools I was looking for, and I will always have with me." (Greta)

For more client feedback, go to my TRUSTPILOT page

For more information please visit my website (www.mbdietetics.com) where you can also book a free introductory call.