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Rebecca Hastings

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Harmonise Health
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London United Kingdom

Looking to break away from shame and fear with food and body, transform compulsive eating, or find relief from digestive discomfort?


I'm Rebecca, a dietitian specialising in intuitive eating, body image, mindfulness and gut health (IBS).

I offer an, embodied, compassionate and trauma sensitive approach to finding peace with food and self. Here are some ways I can help:

Intuitive Eating: This is a holistic and evidence based framework that helps people to break free of diet culture, of bouncing between restrictive and binge eating, of viewing body weight as a dominant marker of health and happiness.

Instead I help to empower people to cultivate body appreciation, develop self- awareness, compassion and maybe even self-love. I work with people to better navigate their emotional landscape, build trust in themselves and their body and to recognise internal signals such as hunger and fullness. We work not just to repair their relationship with food but also with self and others too.

Gut Health (IBS): I help people who have 'functional gut disorders' such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to find relief from symptoms. My approach involves recognising the possible root causes of the condition and symptoms, and addressing these to find long lasting peace.

While it is possible to find some relief through short-term elimination diets, they are often not appropriate and may ultimately worsen a person's condition or relationship with food. Instead I spend most of my time supporting people through a multi-dimensional approach that covers:

- Gentle Nutrition
- Mind
- Embodiment
- Rest

A little more about me:

I am LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity affirmative in my work and aim to support inclusivity. I aim to work both with cognitive (mind) and somatic (body) based therapeutic models targeting the root cause of problems and supporting long lasting change.

You can find more detailed information on my website www.harmonisehealth.com