Resources for learners

This webpage has been developed to support learners who are currently studying dietetics. The resources on this webpage aim to support learners on Practice-based Learning and highlight the experiences of those on Practice-based Learning, as well as those that are early in their dietetic careers.

We have also developed a list of important links to support the wellbeing of those that are currently studying.

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Your wellbeing

It’s important to look after your wellbeing at all times. Some Practice-based Learning areas may have mentors and they are useful people to talk to about how you are finding your experience and if you have any concerns. You can also talk to your practice educator, if they don’t know they cant help. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your practice educator or mentor please reach out to your Higher Education Institute.

Resilience is how we respond, adapt, and recover from challenging situations. Resilience does not mean that one must manage in every situation and cope, as some things are out of the individual’s control – it is about how one adapts to the situation whilst looking after their own mental wellbeing.

For more information and support on looking after your wellbeing, see our wellbeing and resilience webpage.

Learner case studies

Jessica Pearse and Sophie Kendall

Rebecca Pearce

Sam Daly

Early dietetic careers case studies