St Clements Drink

17 Sep 2023

This is a refreshing, sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail. The drink refers to the British nursery rhyme, ‘oranges and lemons, say the bells of St Clements’.

This cocktail is a classic drink which is perfect for serving on a warm summer’s day.


Serves 5
300ml fresh orange juice
600ml sparkling water
60ml no added sugar lemon cordial
1 orange
1 small lemon
10 x ice cubes (optional)

Serves 10
750ml fresh orange juice
1.5 litres sparkling water
150ml no added sugar lemon cordial
2 large oranges
1 lemon
20 x ice cubes (optional)


Ice-cube tray
Measuring jug
Jug for serving (additional jugs will be required for the recipe that serves 10)
Wooden spoon
Chopping board
Sharp knife
Cling film
Swizzle or cocktail
sticks and decorations (optional)


  1. Chill the orange juice and sparkling water in the refrigerator for a few hours before making the cocktail. Make the ice cubes and freeze in advance, if using.
  2. Measure the orange juice and lemon cordial in the measuring jug and tip into the serving jug.
  3. Measure the sparkling water and tip into the serving jug.
  4. Gently mix the liquids together with the wooden spoon.
  5. Wash the fruit. Top and tail the lemon and orange, slice in half and cut into semi-circles. Throw away the pips, put the slices of fruit into the serving jug and push down with the wooden spoon.
  6. Cover the jug with cling film and put into the refrigerator to chill. Add the ice cubes, if using, to the jug just before serving.
  7. Decorate with swizzle or cocktail sticks and other decorations before serving.

Skills used include:
Washing, measuring, chopping, mixing/combining and serving.

Top Tips

  • Chill the orange juice and sparkling water in the refrigerator for a few hours before using them.
  • Don’t stir the mixture too vigorously as you will lose the fizz from the sparkling water.
  • You can use freshly squeezed orange juice or ‘from concentrate’.

Something to try next time

  • Add 2-3 ½cm slices of lime to the jug to give the drink a zesty taste.
  • Add 2-3 ½cm slices of other fresh fruits such as apple, pear or pineapple.
  • Freeze the St Clements mixture in ice-cube trays and use the next day in a fresh cocktail.
  • Freeze the St Clements mixture in lolly moulds and enjoy St Clements ice-lollies.

Prepare now, eat later

  • Prepare the ice cubes 24 hours before you need them.
  • Mix the orange juice and cordial together with the chopped fruit and leave to chill in the fridge for a few hours. Stir in the sparkling water and ice just before serving.
  • The cocktail should be served soon after it has been prepared, as the sparkling water will start to lose its fizz.