BDA to recommend acceptance of NHS England pay offer

16 Mar 2023

If accepted, the offer would boost pay significantly this year and mean a wage increase next year that’s more than the government had budgeted for.

Intensive talks have concluded between the Government, health unions and employers. In the coming days, NHS workers in England will have the chance to look at the full detail of what’s on offer and decide whether it’s enough to end the dispute. While that process takes place any planned industrial action will be paused.

Annette Mansell-Green, Director of Trade Union and Public Affairs at the British Dietetic Association (BDA), who has been representing the BDA’s members in the talks said: “We’ll be consulting our members in England working in the NHS on the new offer and recommending their acceptance of it.

“The new offer would boost their pay this year and result in a wage increase next year.”

The BDA will be sharing full details with members in the coming days. However, these are the key points to be aware of:

  • An additional one-off lump sum for 2022/23 that rises in value up the NHS pay bands. This is worth £1,655 for staff at the bottom of band 2 (for example porters, cleaners and healthcare assistants), £2,009 for staff at the top of band 5 (dietitians, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists), £2,162 at the top of band 6 (paramedics, health visitors, senior occupational therapists) and £3,789 for staff at the top of band 9.
  • A permanent 5% pay rise on all pay points for 2023/24.
  • An increase to band 2 that makes the lowest pay point in the NHS £11.45 an hour – 55p higher than the real living wage.
  • It is expected that the package will have consequences for devolved funding. The implications for disputes in Wales and Northern Ireland will be considered by unions and devolved governments in the coming days.

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