Change in EPS prescribing for nutritional products SystmOne & EMIS Web users

16 Feb 2021

On 10th November, NHS England and NHS Digital communicated that there would be a change in how nutritional products are prescribed electronically. The process has been changed so that “One-off nominations” will now need to be used to send home enteral feed (HEF) prescriptions to a HEF supplier by all practices using SystmOne (dispensing and non-dispensing practices) and non-dispensing EMIS Web practices.

Whilst national government guidance is expected, the following guidance has been produced in the interim to help affected practices with the new process.

Note: Practices will no longer need to issue FP10s, Phase 4 tokens or switch the patient’s regular pharmacy nominations for nutritional items as NHS England has requested that home enteral companies are included as an option under the one-off nominations. A generic ‘dummy’ postcode has been created

What is a one-off nomination?

A one-off nomination is used to override the patient’s regular nominated pharmacy for a single prescription. One-off nominations do not affect the patient’s regular nominations. Future prescriptions will continue to default to the patient’s regular nominated pharmacy. A one-off nominated prescription would only be re-directed if the patient’s regular pharmacy nomination is changed before the prescription has been downloaded.

It is possible to set any supplier up as the patient’s primary pharmacy nomination, which may be useful if the patient only requires HEF products and no other medication that they may get from a regular pharmacy.

How does this impact Dietitians?

For those practices utilising SystmOne & EMIS they will be able to prescribe more efficiently & effectively, reducing the time it takes for home enteral companies to receive the prescription and to dispense feed. In addition, prescribing electronically will reduce the carbon footprint and improve the security of patient information.

Do I need to do anything?

Instructions on how to select a one-off nomination have be emailed and posted to practices in England. Please feel free to make the prescribing teams aware of the changes and circulate accordingly.

Each company’s prescription request letters have been amended, and we would recommend that similar text is incorporated into your referral letter templates, for both new patients and those who have changed feed, please find examples for suppliers in the appendices below:


HEF Supplier name

ODS code


H2H Pharmacy Ltd



If the patient already has a regular nominated pharmacy, and you use TPP SystmOne or EMIS Web, you can now use the one-off nomination function. Please search in your one-off nomination screen using postcode ZE1 0AA and select ‘H 2 H Pharmacy Limited’.”

If you’re unable to use the one-off nomination function, please use the following details to locate us and send electronically: EPS code: FWN00 Postcode: ME10 3SU. Name: H 2 H (Please note spaces between H 2 and H).

If unable to send via EPS, please send in one of H2H’s freepost envelopes or contact them on 01795 512962 or [email protected] to request freepost envelopes

To prevent inadvertent dispensing by another organization please could you add a narrative to the request letter in the directions such as – To be dispensed by Abbott H2H only. Please return if received in error.

Read more detail here

Fresenius Kabi

HEF Supplier name

ODS code


Calea UK Ltd



When issuing a prescription, you can use the One-Off Nomination. For this ensure that you select Other for Post Code and search using the Post Code: ZE1 0AA. Please note that the NHA has given a “dummy” Post Code to Distance Selling Pharmacies.

Then select the Pharmacy with the following details: Name: Calea, Code: FVG64 and the address Cestrian Court, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1NT.

Alternatively, you can you can nominate the Pharmacy in the Community Pharmacy Field using the same details (if you are unable to do One-Off Nominations). When issuing a prescription, you will need to un-nominate the current Community Pharmacy that the Patient is registered to and nominate Calea.

Read more detail here


HEF Supplier Name ODS Code Postcode
Homeward Pharmacy FL377 ZE1 0AA

If issuing a one-off nominated EPS search on the postcode ZE1 0AA. From the 3 feed providers returned, choose Homeward Pharmacy.

If issuing a non-nominated EPS email the token id/barcode and patient NHS number to [email protected]

If issuing a nominated EPS issue to Homeward Pharmacy, FL377, postcode B98 0HU (only suitable if the patient has no other nominated pharmacy)

To send a paper FP10, send to Nutricia via FREEPOST PLUS RSTX-URZX-BHSR (Nutricia Homeward, Newmarket Avenue, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0XQ). Or email us at [email protected] to ask for a supply of pre-printed Freepost envelopes. Please write the order number and delivery date on the prescription

Read more detail here



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