Non-alcoholic Sangria

01 Oct 2023

Sangria is a fruity drink, usually made with red wine and orange juice, traditionally drunk in Spain and Portugal.

This is a refreshing non-alcoholic version using fruit juices – great for quenching your thirst.


1 lime
1 litre red grape juice
250ml pink grapefruit juice
250ml orange juice
1 orange
15-20 seedless grapes
1 litre sparkling water (chilled)


Sharp knife
Chopping board
Juice squeezer
Large jug or pitcher
Measuring jug


  1. Slice the lime in half, squeeze the juice and pour into the jug or pitcher.
  2. Add the red grape juice, pink grapefruit juice and orange juice to your jug or pitcher.
  3. Put the pitcher of juice in the fridge to chill while you prepare the fruit to go in your sangria.
  4. Cut the orange into thin ½cm slices (leave the peel on).
  5. Wash the grapes and remove from the stalks. Slice each grape in half
  6. Add the prepared fruit and the chilled sparkling water to the fruit juice mixture that you made
  7. Give the Non-alcoholic Sangria a stir and it is ready to serve.

Skills used include:
Washing, measuring, chopping, squeezing, mixing/combining and serving.

Top Tips

  • Add a few ice cubes to keep your sangria chilled.

Something to try next time

  • You could add an apple sliced into ½cm thick wedges, 10 halved medium-sized strawberries or a lemon cut into thin ½cm slices.