Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs

01 Sep 2022

Perfect scrambled eggs should be soft and creamy, so don’t be tempted to rush the cooking as this can make them hard.

A non-stick pan is ideal for scrambled eggs as it is much easier to clean afterwards.


Eggs (1 or 2 per person)
Wholemeal bread for toasting (1 or 2 slices per person)
Small knob of unsaturated fat spread
Ground black pepper (optional)
12g unsaturated fat spread (per slice of toast)


Table knife
Mixing bowl
Saucepan or frying pan (non-stick if possible)
Wooden spoon or heat-resistant plastic spoon


  1. Crack each egg with the knife and break them into the mixing bowl.
  2. Mix the eggs with a fork until the white and yolk are combined together.
  3. If you are having the eggs on toast, make the toast before starting to scramble the eggs and keep it warm.
  4. Place the saucepan or frying pan on the hob and add the spread. Turn to a medium heat.
  5.  When the spread melts and starts to foam, add the eggs. Do not increase the heat.
  6. Use the wooden spoon to mix and stir the eggs briskly. Stir the eggs constantly and make sure you stir right round the edges and through the mixture to prevent it sticking. Do this until about three quarters of the liquid egg is set and then remove the pan from the hob.
  7. Continue to stir the egg, as it will continue to cook.
  8. As soon as the egg is no longer liquid, serve immediately on toast and add black pepper to taste (if using).

Skills used include:
Whisking, spreading, melting, frying and serving.

Top Tips

  • Taking the egg off the heat while it is slightly liquid will prevent it from overcooking. Overcooking will cause the eggs to go hard and shrink and a watery liquid will appear. The longer you cook, the worse it will become.
  • Babies over 6 months old can be given eggs, but they must be well cooked, so make sure both the white and yolk are solid. Avoid runny eggs until your child is older.

Something to try next time

  • Stir in a small quantity of crème fraîche or cream to make the eggs extra creamy.
  • A few flakes of smoked salmon will make the dish special.
  • Sprinkle the scrambled eggs with a few chopped chives. Try scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel, with cheese, tomatoes or mushrooms.

Prepare now, eat later

  • Scrambled egg is best prepared and eaten straight away.
  • If you do have leftover scrambled egg, cool it as quickly as possible and use it as a sandwich filling with some crispy bacon or smoked salmon.
  • Store in the fridge and use on the same day.