❤ Unions ❤ Activism

16 Feb 2022
by David Hamblin

Union membership is active and dynamic. There are a number of different ways to get involved with the BDA Trade Union. In the workplace you can become a BDA TU Rep who looks after the interests of members in the workplace or become a Workplace Contact and assist withe crafting and distributing communications. On the national level you could run for the BDA TU National Executive Committee which helps shape the direction of BDA TU activity.

In the pre-COVID era the BDA were regular attendees on marches and demonstrations for workers'rights. As we move forward (appropriate precautions permitting) we are keen to ensure there is a visible BDA Trade Union presence on such demonstrations.

As affiliates to the Trades Union Congress (TUC) we send delegates to numerous conferences including TUC Congress itself, an annual conference where affiliated unions submit motions, speak on current issues, and decide upon the policy focus of the TUC. The BDA is a comparratively small union but the structures ensure that our voice and the voice of our members are heard. We have submitted and have passed motions on issues ranging from NHS terms & conditions throuigh to fighting Food Poverty.

If you want to get active speak to your local BDA Trade Union Rep. There may be an event you want to plan or a relevant issue you want to campaign on that falls under the BDA Trae Union remit. As ever get in touch with our Campaigns Officer to find out more.


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