What do public health dietitians do?


Specialist area:

Public health nutrition

What public health dietitians help with:

Public health dietitians help groups of people to maintain or improve their health through what they eat and drink. They do this through public education on eating and drinking well. They also work with communities to improve access to healthier food.   

Who do public health dietitians help?

Populations or large groups of people of all ages from infancy to old age. 

How do public health dietitians work?

Many things in our surroundings make it easier or harder to follow a healthy diet. Public health dietitians make changes to help everyone to have a healthier and more sustainable diet.

Some examples of thing public health dietitians may do include:

  • working with Public Health Organisations to reduce sugar and calories in popular children's food
  • helping your local schools to encourage children and their families to eat a better diet
  • working with your local council to encourage restaurants to label fat and calories in their meals
  • working with big companies to give their staff healthier snack and meal options
  • running NHS group education sessions for people with obesity, diabetes or heart disease
  • helping groups of women who are pregnant to eat a healthier diet
  • running campaigns to increase breastfeeding
  • researching food related illness and local food needs

Where do public health dietitians work?

Many public health dietitians work for local authorities, public health departments or commissioners. Some dietitians also work in schools, prisons, workplaces, GP surgeries or children’s centres.

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