What do sustainable dietitians do?

Specialist area:

Sustainable diets, planetary health and environmentally friendly nutrition.

What do sustainable dietitians help with?

They help organisations that provide food to the public develop and shape their food policies. They may develop sustainable recipes and offer training and education for chefs, caterers, other health professionals and their clients. They also write blogs and articles for brands or companies about sustainability.

Who do sustainable dietitians help?

They help food brands and services like restaurants to work on their products and provide accurate labelling with nutrition and sustainability messages. They help other health professionals like nurses and clinical staff at GP practices with training. They also help other dietitians and run workshops and events to teach them about sustainability.

How do sustainable dietitians work?

They usually work as consultants, for example helping organisations to develop their training for chefs.

Where do sustainable dietitians work?

They can work anywhere. They could be involved with school meals and other food service sectors. They could work for brands or charities or work virtually from home.

Further info:

There's no formal training in food sustainability but you can 'upskill' by joining the specialist group and accessing the numerous resources and courses we have listed as well as joining in the discussion and virtual networking.