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This short course by MyNutriCourses on Sustainable Nutrition is endorsed by the BDA and Association for Nutrition

Sustainable Diets: The fundamentals for human and planetary health

About the course

The food we buy, cook and eat every day – as well as the way it’s produced – is key to addressing the challenge of sustainable healthy eating. This course explores the fundamental principles of a sustainable diet for human and planetary health. It aims to help all health professionals to develop the confidence and knowledge necessary to incorporate sustainability into their practice.


Learning objectives

Gain understanding of

  • Why sustainability needs to be embedded into food provision, dietary advice and support
  • The impact of the food system on health and planet and the urgency to shift to a more sustainable system
  • What a healthy sustainable diet encompasses
  • Key nutrients often cited as a concern and the evidence supporting their adequacy within a plant-based sustainable diet
  • Adaptations and special dietary considerations needed when advising vulnerable population groups or those with enhanced requirements: children, adults, the elderly and athletes
  • Key influencers and barriers to shifting the nation towards more sustainable plant-based eating patterns – a ‘top down’ approach