Join us on our journey to 20,000 satisfied members


Over the past few months, the BDA has been developing a new Strategic Plan that covers our three and ten year ambitions and commitments from 2024. This is a critical piece of work that highlights our vision, our values, key pillars of activity for the years ahead and the cornerstones which underpin everything we want to achieve.

We now need YOUR input and are consulting you on what this strategy contains. We need you to feel represented within it, to know that your professional needs will be met and that what we will be delivering will make a difference to you, the profession and food and nutrition as a whole in the years to come.

It’s so important we get this right for you - so please join us on this journey.

What does this consultation involve?

We appreciate that time is short. Therefore we have supplied our draft Strategic Plan in a number of ways to give you the opportunity to digest its contents in a way that suits you.

View the sections of the plan below

Introduction to the Plan

This Strategic Plan reflects our vision, our values, our commitment and core purpose.

Developing a sustainable workforce

Apprenticeships, career development, digital enablement and our support workforce.

Education and research

Higher education and workforce training, continuous professional development (CPD) and evidence-based practice.

Supporting our members individually and collectively

Employment relations, collective bargaining, industrial relations, diversity and equity and collaborating with the trade union movement.

Increasing our voice and visibility

Driving national policy, voice and visibility, influencing and leadership, responding to policy and understanding the political environment.

Growing our membership community

Building connections across dietetics and nutrition, supporting specialist groups, promoting the sharing of expertise and knowledge, and building connections with other professions.

Underpinning the strategy through four cornerstones

By 2034 the organisation will demonstrate continuous improvement in areas of: operational excellence, EDI, climate impact and we will be delivering more effectively in each of the four nations.

We have until 4 December to gather your feedback, allowing you the necessary time to thoroughly get to grips with it and share your thoughts. We would kindly urge you to do this sooner rather than later. Plus, you could win a £50 prize!

Feedback will be collated and presented to your Board of Directors who will look for common themes in your responses and amend the Strategic Plan accordingly. Our Strategic Plan will then be finalised and implemented at the start of the BDA financial year, which begins in March 2024.

Why should you read it and give your feedback?

The BDA supports members at every stage of their career and in many different roles, sectors and specialisms. It is important to us that you feel your needs are being met by your membership association and trade union.

Our Strategic Plan will direct the BDA’s activity for the next three and ten years and this is a rare opportunity to have a real impact on what your future in dietetics looks like and what we can collectively achieve as your professional body.

Our plan will feed into what your groups and branches are working towards, what campaigns we are fighting for on your behalf, how we grow dietetics, how sustainable we are, how we engage with the public, how we increase diversity in the profession as well as many more important topics.

That’s why we need you to be at the centre of this.

PLUS! By completing our Snapshot Survey and sharing your email at the end you will be entered into a free prize draw to win one of two £50 Love2Shop vouchers up for grabs!

Survey prize draw: terms and conditions

PLEASE NOTE: Individual responses to this survey are confidential and will be used by the BDA for evaluation purposes only. This survey has been sent to BDA members only and no third parties. The anonymised analysis of the data may be shared with external organisations. Your personal details in the prize draw entry will be separated from the survey prior to survey evaluation and the BDA will not use it for any other purpose other than to contact the winners. By entering your details, you hereby grant the BDA permission to contact you regarding the prize draw. This information will never be shared with third parties. Winners will be selected at random from entries using and will be notified w/c 4 December 2023. Winners will be asked to be available for photographs and other publicity organised by the BDA. The BDA privacy policy is available to read in full via the following link:

How can you provide feedback?

Before providing any feedback please make sure you have read either the Executive Summary, the full Strategic Plan or watched the videos through the links above. Take the time to digest all of the information included within it. This is your chance to help shape the future of the BDA.

1. We want as many members as possible to fill in our Snapshot Survey, as this will give us broad data on areas that are supported by you and ideas for development.

The survey takes 5 minutes and will close on 4 December.

Remember to share your email at the end of the survey to enter our free prize draw. Your answers will remain confidential and your email address will only be used to identify you for the prize draw.

2. You can attend one of our webinars (dates coming soon) and learn more about the Strategic Plan.

Following these sessions we’ll be asking you to fill in a more Detailed Feedback Form if you have specific feedback that you don’t think you can adequately share within the Snapshot Survey.

3. If you attend a country board meeting or sit on a specialist group or branch committee we can send a BDA representative to attend and speak at any meetings you have between now and the end of November. Please request these via [email protected].

In these sessions you will be given the opportunity to give more detailed feedback from yourself and your members via the Detailed Feedback Form and ask any questions you might have, which will be gathered by the member of staff in attendance.

All feedback needs to be received by 4 December and your views will be reflected in the final version.