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Jennifer Low

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Sevenoaks , London United Kingdom
07596 950047

We help you to find freedom from disordered eating and eating disorders, so that you can recover and nourish yourself fully, without guilt.

We treat: all eating disorders, weight management/healthy living/intuitive eating, disordered eating and all gastrointestinal issues.  

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Hi, I am Jen, a Registered Dietitian, with a post-graduate diploma in Dietetics, an MSc in Nutrition and a degree in Psychology. I run JL Nutrition Clinic from my home clinic in Sevenoaks.

Since qualifying in 2007, I have had extensive experience of both private and public/NHS services in both the UK and New Zealand.

I am the consultant dietitian for an NHS severe eating disorders team and also the lead dietitian at Weight Loss Surgery Kent, specialising in bariatric surgery.

A busy working Mum, I can easily empathise with the minefield of nutrition information and the lack of time most of us have to focus on our nutritional intake. Through my work and background degree in psychology I understand that emotional and psychological issues, as well as medications, can have a substantial influence on someone’s ability to follow a healthy lifestyle. I work effectively and gently with people to overcome these barriers.

In clinic we see young people (12 years and over) and adults of all ages. We have a non-judgemental, caring, warm and friendly approach. We are not the scary “diet police” that many people fear!

Media & PR 

Since training as a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association in 2011, I have featured on both live and pre-recorded TV & radio shows, and have also been an off-screen dietitian for many TV shows.  

For around 6 years I was part of the expert panel of the Healthy Food Guide magazine and wrote monthly features and blogs for them. I have also written and commented for many other consumer and trade press, and I've peer-edited many high profile nutrition books.

I have also consulted on brands, such as Yakult, working on market research and press releases.

We would love to hear from you, whether you'd like one to one sessions for eating disorders, disordered eating, weight management, to learn intuitive eating, or gastrointestinal disturbances; or whether you are looking for PR and media work.

I really look forward to working with you, Jen x