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Ms Kate Hilton

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Diets Debunked
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Waterlooville, Hampshire, England
Profile for Ms Kate Hilton

My name is Kate, a freelance dietitian who graduated in 2020. I primarily specialise in weight management via a non-diet approach, alongside the management of obesity-related conditions including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. I do, however, consider clients who wish to see a dietitian for other conditions, such as those listed below.

I have gained experience in a wide variety of different conditions over the past 2 years of my career, due to working on the COVID, neuro-rehabilitation, respiratory, care of the elderly, orthopaedic and emergency wards, alongside working as a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian within the NHS. My experience includes, but is not limited to the following:

- disease related malnutrition

- managing COPD with nutrition

- nutrition and dementia

- nutrition and Parkinson's disease

- COVID- during and post-infection nutrition

- Coeliac disease

- IBS, diverticular disease and IBD

- Tube feeding

- nutrition post traumatic brain injury (eg. post-stroke or RTI) 

- weight management, including weight loss >4 stone

- women's health (PCOS)

- Diabetes management, including carb awareness and carb counting, carbohydrate manipulation to improve glycaemic control and interpreting blood glucose graphs alongside food diaries.

I offer telehealth services, including both phone calls and video calls, whichever one suits you best.