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Dr Stephanie Fade

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Eating Mindset
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Watford United Kingdom

Hi I'm Stephanie lover of food, science and health. I help people who struggle with their relationship with food to breakthrough complex health challenges and eat well for better physical and mental health. 

Drawing on over 30 years' experience in the NHS and private practice I have particular expertise in mental health, eating disorders, extreme picky eating in young people and adults, the gut/brain connection and helping people achieve and maintain a healthier weight. 

My practice is rooted in my values:

Credibility - everything I do is based on the best scientific evidence coupled with over 30 years of learning from my patients' lived experience.

Acceptance - I will accept you where you are on your journey to better health without judgment. Feelings of shame can be a huge barrier to people seeking help with their eating. I aim to put you at ease so that you can be open and get the help you really need.

Responsiveness - no one wants to wait weeks for support and answers to their questions. I offer rapid response coaching so that you can get the help and reassurance you need in a timely way.

Empathy - I seek to understand how you are feeling so that I can provide sensitive and compassionate support and just the right amount of challenge to help you move forwards.

I founded my private practice Eating Mindset to help people move away from:

  • Unhelpful thinking and behaviours associated with eating and body image distress;
  • Emotional eating;
  • Ways of eating that cannot be sustained long-term;
  • Self-blame and shame.

And move towards:

  • Eating for joy as well as health;
  • Enjoying food socially;
  • Understanding the broader benefits of food for a well-functioning body and mind;
  • A healthier weight and better overall health and functioning.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, which is the independent regulatory body that exists to protect the public and ensure the best possible standards of healthcare practice. You can check my registration  here. I am a member of specialist groups supporting best practice in mental health, autism, freelance practice and ARFID (Avoidant, Restrictive, Food Intake Disorder.)

As well as 1:1 consultations I support schools to develop a positive nutrition culture, where the whole school community is supported to eat well for health whilst being mindful and supportive of those experiencing eating and body image distress.

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