Making a case for dietetics

Information on planning, influencing and how to write a business case for your service or team.

How to analyse and influence stakeholders

Identifying those that you can influence is vital if you want to Stand Up for Dietetics.

Influencing local authorities and public health in England

Local authorities have responsibility for coordinating and leading on public health in England.

Influencing CCGs in England

In England, CCGs make decisions about how services are funded and commissioned, so are a key group to influence locally.

The Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short, 60 second speech designed to promote your service and profession. Find out how to create one with real impact.

Influencing Clinical Senates in England

Clinical senates influence and advise commissioners on service developments and care pathways.

Influencing Health Scrutiny in England

Health scrutiny plays an important role in oversight of the whole health and care system