Case study: Long Covid Community Rehabilitation Service, Leeds

The service has been developed to help people in Leeds who are experiencing new, long-lasting problems 12 weeks or more after a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection which are significantly impacting how they are able to function in day-to-day life.

Case study - Type 2 diabetes patient

Read about how dietitians and nurse supporting a patient living with type 2 diabetes to get her condition under control

Case Study - Pancreatic cancer patient

Read about how dietitians helped a man newly diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer

Case study - Cardiac rehabilitation

Read about how community dietitians and an MDT supported a man living with heart failure to prepare for heart transplant.

Case Study - Prescribing support

Read about how a prescribing support dietitian supported a woman living with lung cancer to address malnutrition

Case Study - Liver transplant patient

Read about how dietitians in Belfast supported Linda, a patient on the liver transport waiting list

Case study - IBS patient

Read about how a dietitian has supported a man to better manage his irritable bowel syndrome.