Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Diet

Dietary changes can often help Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms and sometimes simple changes are all that are needed. This Food Fact Sheet explains that dietary changes can help these symptoms.

Diabetes - Type 1

Good diabetes control will help you lead a full and active life and prevent other health complications.

Fluid (water and drinks)

This food fact sheet provides information about staying hydrated.

Detox Diets

The idea behind detoxing is that from time to time we need to clear the “toxic waste” from our body in order to stay healthy. This Fact Sheet will explore the myths around detox diets and explain the benefits of a balanced diet.


Most of us need to eat more fibre and having a very good intake from a wide variety of foods is linked to a better overall nutritional intake.

Dairy Benefits

Food safety

The importance of hydration

Looking after your back

Walking for health

Regular walking has many health benefits – plus it’s free, it’s easy and can be very sociable too. Penny Hunking highlights some of the great reasons to make walking part of your everyday routine.

Are we achieving 5-a-day?

A day in the life of a dietitian

A day in the life of a dietitian

A day in the life of a dietitian - clinical and industry

Benefits of swimming

Benefits of cycling