24 Mar 2020

The Critical Care Specialist Group of the BDA have today published new guidance on management of nutrition and dietetic services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance draws on current recommendations for planning and local experiences to date, and features a wide range of resources for dietitians who may be working in a critical care environment for the first time.

Most trusts and health boards across the UK are making provisions for the expansion of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds. Dietetics are a vital part of the ICU multidisciplinary team (MDT), as recognised in Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services. It is expected all aspects of the MDT will be placed under additional pressure during the pandemic, so this guidance comes at a critical time. The guidance will be under regular review, and the group welcome further input and suggestions as more information, evidence and experience becomes available.

The BDA Critical Care Group and BDA as a whole want to emphasise the importance of dietitians looking after themselves and each other during this uncertain time and that the health and wellbeing of staff members is of paramount importance. For more information and advice to BDA members on COVID-19, visit our advice pages.