21 Jun 2021

Caroline Bovey BEM RD, Chair of the British Dietetic Association, today responds to reported comments from Baroness Dido Harding:

“Baroness Harding’s reported promise to “end the reliance on foreign doctors and nurses” fails to recognise the central role that health and care professionals from outside the UK have played in the NHS throughout its history. We are very fortunate that skilled allied health professionals, doctors, nurses, carers, administrators, porters and many more from around the world choose to come to the UK to treat and care for us. I hope that Baroness Harding will reflect on her comments and recognise the vital contribution of all NHS staff, regardless of whether or not they were born in the UK.”

Vicki Bennett, Chair BDA Trade Union NEC adds:

"The BDA Trade Union are once again disappointed by the focus of this government on restricting those willing to work in the National Health Service rather than investment and support for the health service as a whole. NHS workers are still reeling from years of real term pay cuts, under investment in key services, and the mental and physical toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Addressing these urgent issues with appropriate financial and structural support are all greater priorities than what passport a medical professional may possess while they work to heal NHS patients."

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Caroline Bovey

Chair, British Dietetic Association