Black History Month: The BDA Trade Union looks at what happens post-BHM

28 Oct 2022

Equality is at the heart of trade unionism. We celebrate the role of Black trade unionists as members, representatives, and leaders of the trade union movement. And, we also recognise the contribution trade unions have had in furthering the cause of racial justice. But, critically, we know the work isn’t over.

From the Trades Union Congress’ (TUC) dedicated Black Worker’s Conference to its Anti-Racism Taskforce, the TUC, of which we are a member, is pushing forward practical action. But as part of that process, it is vital we do not shy away from those times when there have been failings in the trade union movement’s past, as regards race. We acknowledge those failings and in turn, use them to inform our present actions so that they do not occur again.

The month of October serves as an important time to celebrate Black history and culture. But as this year’s theme is Actions not Words, we wanted to conclude Black History Month with a number of ways, you, as members of the BDA can understand more about the role of a trade union in protecting Black worker rights, provide some additional inspiration outside of our industry and as a Black Dietitian, how you can get involved with the important work of the BDA Trade Union.

  1. The Trade Union Anti-Racism Manifesto 2022-27, produced by the TUC’s Anti-Racism Taskforce, is an important step forward in practical action, as it makes tangible commitments around structural change. It especially looks at collective bargaining, organising, public policy, and unions as employers, offering clear and meaningful direction. Have a read of the TUC’s commitments.
  2. The TUC’s Anti-Racism Taskforce has been showcasing a number of Black activists within the trade union movement. Discussion topics include Black Women Workers and Anti-Racist Industrial Power Across the Globe, with a panel from the TUC’s Black Worker’s Conference. Have a watch and get inspired here.
  3. If you want to find out more about the work of the TUC’s Anti-Racism Taskforce and the role that they play in shaping the anti-racist agenda of the TUC The TUC’s Anti-Racism Taskforce General Council Report 2022 serves as a comprehensive overview.
  4. The BDA Trade Union encourages our Black members to get involved with the trade union structures, be it becoming a workplace representative, delegate for a TUC conference, or putting yourself forward to stand for the BDA Trade Union National Executive Committee. Please get in touch the BDA Trade Union Organising Officer if you are interested.

We are proud to celebrate Black History Month and we are proud of the role Black trade unionists play in shaping our present and future. More information is available here.