19 Mar 2020

While the news around COVID-19 changes daily, if not hourly, your BDA team is working hard to stay at the front of vital and supporting information members and the public need. On our key COVID-19 page we signpost key information dietitians need in relation to employment and practice.

In addition:

  • We will be working with the HCPC on the impacts of registration for dietitians during the current crisis
  • We will be supporting dietitians who may be offered the opportunity to return to practice in the NHS on a temporary basis
  • We will be promoting the vital work members do in advising the public on evidence based nutrition science
  • We will be posting updates on practice related news as and when we have it

But part of strategy is also to support the public at this crucial time. The number of views of our COVID-19 advice is already over 25,000.

In addition we will:

  • Work with the food industry to ensure supplies of vital and essential food items are maintained in the supply chain
  • Provide evidence based information that sets the record straight following ‘fake’ news
  • Post helpful information for the public on keeping well
  • Post helpful information for people with specific conditions
  • Post information about how they can access dietitians for advice and guidance
  • Provide tips and recipes for eating well during long periods of being at home or without access to some ingredients
  • Provide advice for employers or people working from home
  • Update our information regularly as new information arises or advice changes

This is our commitment to our members and the public during the current crisis. The BDA staff and membership are showing great resilience and innovation, something we plan to do for as long as necessary.


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Andy Burman

Chief Executive, British Dietetic Association