Driving equality, diversity and inclusion in education – your support needed

01 Oct 2022

The BDA, along with other AHP professional bodies, are working to provide information on their webpages regarding equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and ensuring EDI is a golden thread through all of the work we do.

Whilst the BDA is undertaking a bigger piece of work on EDI, we are also looking to focus on EDI within pre-registration education. As part of the BDA’s Dietetic Workforce Development Programme we are developing a dedicated education focused EDI webpage where we can continue to compile information and resources for higher education institutions (HEIs), practice educators and learners.

We will also capture other useful webpages on EDI developments, for example this one from Health Education England, and we will continue to gather intelligence on the protected characteristics of our learners as contained in the Equalities Act 2010, as well as other key indicators such as geography.

We are asking colleagues from across all our HEIs, practice educators and learners to send in any existing resources they have that they are willing to share with us for use on the new BDA education EDI webpage.

Examples of items could be:

  • Local learner characteristics data and information
  • EDI practice-based learning recruitment policies and procedures
  • EDI best-practice experiences from learners with protected characteristics (including whilst out on practice-based learning).
  • EDI-related case study examples
  • Occupational health processes for those with disabilities or illnesses
  • Mental health provision
  • Learner adaptations such as those covered as reasonable adjustments for disability, or based on faith or religious practices, caring responsibilities etc.
  • Equality impact assessment procedures/policies
  • Learner admissions policies
  • Any other ideas or guidance you could share that would be helpful to other HEIs and practice educators in relation to EDI.

The BDA is committed to providing equal opportunities and intends to do this by maintaining, and rigorously implementing, an Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice. We particularly encourage black and minority ethnic people, people with disabilities and LGBT+ to engage in the BDA’s Dietetic Workforce Development Programme as they are currently under-represented in our workforce.

You can send all information to [email protected]

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