14 Dec 2022

The BDA Research Symposium returned in person for the first time since 2019 on Wednesday 7 December, with over 130 delegates joining us for our annual event showcasing the breadth of research across dietetics.

If we don't do patient research then we can't improve patient care. So the only way you can work out whether you are doing something right, or whether you can do it better, or quicker or offer it to more people is by doing some research to get the answers to those questions.

Judy Lawrence

Research Officer | British Dietetic Association

Not only did we have a record attendance in Birmingham but student groups from University of Nottingham, University of Plymouth and University of Winchester joined us online to watch talks in the main room.

Symprove hosted the breakfast session, entitled; ‘Can probiotics help to alleviate symptoms in people with Long COVID?' This was presented by Dr Caroline Dalton, Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Genetics, Sheffield Hallam University.

I think it's crucial that Dietitians continue to question exactly what they are doing in practice and then undertake research studies in order to be able to develop new information. Not just for themselves, but for the whole dietetic profession and the wider nutrition community who can also benefit.

Professor Kevin Whelan

This year we saw 62 abstracts presented in person and three presented via recordings. These were presented across 12 streams and we are pleased to announce that there will be even more streams being launched next year. Diabetes will be included in this - so watch this space!

We rounded off the day by announcing the winning abstract in each stream, the winners were:

New stream: Nutrition in Older Adults – Supported by BDA Older People Specialist Group

Elaine Penman for: Structured literature review of oral nutritional supplementation parameters for older people in the perioperative phase of fragility hip fracture recovery.

New stream: Supplementary Prescribing

Nicola Vernon for: The prescribing practices of intestinal failure dietitians. What are the barriers.

Clinical Nutrition

Simone Roberts for: Improving Detection of Malnutrition in the Community: Tools used by Meals on Wheels and the Emergency Medical Services, a systematic review.

Critical Care – Supported by BDA Critical Care Specialist Group

Eimear Wall for: Nutrition support practices in critical care during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic – a service evaluation.

Gastro – Supported by BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group

Katerina Belogianni for: Development and Validation of a Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Questionnaire in the dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Maternal and Fertility Nutrition – Supported by BDA Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Specialist Group

Komal Deepak for: Nutritional management of functional gut symptoms in people with endometriosis: A cross sectional survey.

The winner was given a free place on the Nutrition in Pregnancy Course held in January/February 2023 – Find out more about the course. 

New to Research – Supported by Yakult

Nicole Robertson for: A qualitative study of the experiences of dietetic care in eating disorder treatment.

Nutrition Support – Supported by Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Specialist Group 

Oscar Walton for: Cross-Sectional Study of Registered Dietitians’ Perspectives on Training to Position Nasogastric Tubes.

Obesity – Supported by BDA Obesity Specialist Group

Emily Nelson for: A secondary analysis of the DROPLET Study: body composition as a predictor of weight loss.

The winner has been provided with a free place at the Obesity Specialist Group 2023 Study Day.

Paediatric – Supported by BDA Paediatric Specialist Group

James Evans for: Cross-sectional survey investigating nutrition support practices and opinions toward gastrostomy use across United Kingdom paediatric bone marrow transplant centres.

The winner has been provided with a free place at the Paediatric Specialist Group 2023 Study Day.

Public Health

Megan Mehnert for: An investigation into the link between cooking from scratch and vegetable consumption; a cross-sectional survey of adults in the UK.

Service Evaluation

Abigail Platt for: Evaluation of the dietary intake of children and adolescents with a diagnosis of avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) in the United Kingdom: an observational service evaluation.

Get involved next year

Abstract submission for 2023 will open in April 2023 and close in July 2023. The date for next year's event will be announced shortly - along with some new developments too.

The Research Symposium was sponsored by Yakult and Symprove.


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