It’s Heart Unions Week! Every year the Trades Union Congress (TUC) which brings together over 40 unions who represent 5.5 million workers in total dedicate a week to highlighting and celebrating the work of unions across the UK.

It starts with a conversation.

So much of what unions do begins with one worker speaking to another. It might be around a problem in the workplace or an issue in society but before action is taken someone speaks to another and identifies that there is a problem.

Communication is vital for the work of the BDA Trade Union. It’s how members hear about issues, it’s how the union negotiates with employers, it’s how we make sure that member voices are heard. Part of the role of the BDA Trade Union Team is to facilitate and support the conversations that our BDA TU Reps have with their members.

The union movement is at its best when we bring workers together to discuss issues and decide how we address problems collectively.

But it all starts with a conversation.

So, this Heart Unions week if you're a BDA Member find out the name of your local BDA Trade Union Representative and get in touch. If you haven't got a BDA TU Rep in your workplace why not consider becoming a rep? Odds are if you're reading a blog post about Heart Unions Week then you must be a little be interested in getting involved…



David Hamblin

BDA Trade Union Campaigns, Communications, and Organising Officer, BDA