The union movement draws its strength from its membership and the BDA Trade Union is no different. We're proud of how many members of the dietetic profession are also members of the BDA and we want that to continue.

In order for people to join it's important that potential members are aware of the presence of the union. We are keen to ensure that every workplace that has a BDA Trade Union Representative celebrates that fact. It's for that reason we have a variety of eye catching posters in the oh so subtle BDA Trade Union pink. Get in touch to request posters and our Organising Officer will send some out for you to use.

Now people are aware of the BDA Trade Union it's time to talk. Looking for subjects to talk about? You can raise the member benefits of the BDA, you can highlight the benefits of union membership more generally,  but ultimately the best thing to talk about is your own experience of being a BDA Trade Union member.

As ever our Organising Officer is at your disposal for site visits (Covid precasutions allowing) and to attend team meetings (virtually if required) to answer queries related to the BDA. Get in touch to request a BDA TU Officer to attend your team meeting or if you just want to discuss ways to raise the profile of the BDA Trade Union.




David Hamblin

BDA Trade Union Campaigns, Communications, and Organising Officer, BDA