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About us

The BDA Critical Care specialist group aims to provide a nationwide forum for critical care dietitians to share information and best practice as well as providing support, guidance and education.

Members have access to an online network forum and receive two newsletters per year from the group.

Critical Care group runs a study day each year open to both members and non-members.

The Critical Care Specialist Group was named BDA Specialist Group of the Year during Dietitians Week 2015. 

To provide support and advice to dietitians working in the area of critical care by:

  • Email discussion/networking group.
  • Twice yearly newsletter.
  • Educational sessions.
  • Resources page including fact sheets.
  • It also aims to provide a forum for:
    • Sharing information and best practice;
    • Guideline production;
    • Research and audit facilitation.

It is the intention of the Critical Care Group that sub-groups will be formed over time for those working in specialist areas within critical care such as trauma or neurosurgery and if required geographical subgroups may also be formed.