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In person
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Mrs Laura Coster

Company name:
Ask Your Dietitian
Contact address:
Benfleet United Kingdom
+44 7818953602

I'm delighted to introduce myself as the clinical director of the Ask Your Dietitian team.

My colleagues and I are passionate about combining nutrition, medical care, and psychology to provide the best support. We're commended on our level of care and commitment to our clients.

  • We offer 1-to-1 appointments (eating disorders, gut health, oncology, weight management, diabetes)
  • group workshops
  • media work
  • article writing
  • menu analysis
  • and much more

Please email us via [email protected] to discuss how we can help you.

For weight loss, our 'A Dietitian's secrets to dieting' workshop recordings are available to buy here: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/a-dietitians-secrets-to-dieting-61809



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