Four-week subscription to wellbeing planner

04 Apr 2020

Wellbeing planner: A bespoke four week planner with daily tips, guidance and support for your employees.

Our Autumn and Winter wellbeing planner is an example of how we curate content. When the darker nights are approaching and the cold air is calling for us to stay indoors, it is time to start planning how you could support employee's nutritional wellbeing, keeping them feeling energised and healthy at work. We've created a 4 week planner to focus on just that! 

SAMPLE_autumn planner work ready

Subscription fees

  • 0-50 employees: £50 +VAT
  • 50-100 employees: £100 +VAT
  • 100-250 employees: £150 +VAT
  • 250+ employees: £250 + VAT

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